Impacted by theSubdoMailing attack?

In under 30 seconds, Red Sift’s free Investigate tool can determine whether poisoned domains exist inside your SPF configuration.

How can you protect yourself right now?

Red Sift has free email security tools that check the overall health of your email setup and whether you’ve been impacted by SubdoMailing.

Check the health of your email sending domain with Red Sift Investigate

Investigate checks whether your email sending domain has critical security protocols set up correctly, including DMARC, SPF, DKIM, FCrDNS, TLS, BIMI, and MTA-STS. It will also tell you if any ‘SubdoMailers’ have been found. 

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Review your organization's SPF mechanisms with Red Sift SPF Checker

Should Investigate reveal any ‘SubdoMailers’ - also known as poisoned includes - the SPF Checker allows you to visualize them in a dynamic ‘SPF tree’, allowing you to quickly pinpoint where they are and speed up remediation efforts.

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Remove any poisoned includes immediately

If compromised includes are detected in your SPF record, your domain is vulnerable to spoofing attacks. We recommend you remove these entries from your SPF record immediately.

How to remove poisoned includes

How Red Sift can protect you from domain and subdomain takeover attacks

Together, Red Sift ASM and Red Sift OnDMARC safeguard users from SubdoDomailing through real-time DNS check, DNS registration data, email and domain data. 

Red Sift ASM

Red Sift ASM's continuous monitoring of your digital infrastructure ensures immediate detection and mitigation of critical vulnerabilities such as dangling DNS, including dangling SPF or CNAME records, that can lead to domain takeovers. 

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Red Sift OnDMARC

Red Sift OnDMARC offers full visibility into all outbound emails from your organization, flagging unauthorized senders and domain/subdomain takeovers immediately.

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Why Red Sift?

Red Sift is a global cybersecurity company with deep roots and expertise in email security. We have enabled 1,000+ organizations, including TUI, Capgemini, Domino’s, ZoomInfo and Telefonica, to easily, quickly, and safely implement DMARC to proactively protect business email communications with customers, suppliers, and partners. 

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