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From Shazam to Sifts

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Red Sift Co-Founders Rahul and Randal are problem solvers. They played a big part in designing the technical architecture of Shazam, and then founded their first startup Apsmart. But they were looking to do something more.


The Red Sift platform is born

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When Rahul and Randal set out to build the Red Sift platform, it wasn't because there weren't enough cybersecurity solutions on the market. It was because despite this, too many organizations were still struggling to use available data to fix vulnerabilities in their infrastructure.


On DMARC, get set, go

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Email security protocol DMARC protects against exact domain impersonation, a major cause of phishing attacks. Although the DMARC protocol was created in 2012, many businesses didn’t know it existed, and those that did found it hard to implement without the right technology to help. This technology didn’t exist. Yet.

Trace & Red Sift carbon positive badge

Red Sift is a carbon positive organization

We work with trace to offset any environmental impact we have as we scale our teams and operations. We have the information we need to be thoughtful about our choices in how and when we travel, how we build our engineering infrastructure and the suppliers we work with.

Since partnering with trace in 2022, we are delighted to announce that we’ve become a carbon positive company in 2023, meaning we offset 100% of our emissions.

Being able to say we’re carbon positive is something we’re immensely proud of. trace is a female-founded and Australian-born tech company focused on transparency, simplicity, and making carbon neutrality accessible to everyone.


Rahul Powar profile

Rahul Powar


Rahul is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, and leader. Before Red Sift, he founded Apsmart which was acquired by Thomson Reuters Corporation in 2012. At Thomson Reuters, he served as the Head of Advanced Products & Innovation. In a previous life, he was part of the founding team and principal technical architect of Shazam. Before the launch of the iTunes AppStore, he envisioned and created the first Shazam iPhone App.

Randal Pinto profile

Randal Pinto


Randal is passionate about delivering innovation through rapid application development. He headed the professional services arm of Apsmart, later acquired by Thomson Reuters, where he was the Director of Advanced Products & Innovation. Before that, he was in the mobile industry for 15 years, holding technical and leadership roles with startups and enterprises, and led Shazam’s programme management during its rapid expansion years.

David Bennett profile

David Bennett


Chuck Swenberg

Chuck Swenberg

SVP Strategy & GM, Americas

Nancie Williams

Nancie Williams

SVP Sales, North America

Mark Langton

Mark Langton

VP of Sales, EMEA

Haydn Britton

Haydn Britton

Director of ECO Systems, Northern EMEA

Clare Holmes profile

Clare Holmes


Nadim Lahoud profile

Nadim Lahoud

VP Growth

Ian Howells

Chief Business Officer

Stuart Rogers


Sinead Brennan profile

Sinead Brennan

People Operations Manager

Claudia Belardo

Claudia Belardo

VP Customer Success


Sam Brooks Highland Europe

Sam Brooks


Michael Graninger Sands Captial

Michael Graninger


Mina Samaan

Mina Samaan