Red Sift Certificates (formerly Hardenize)

Automated certificate discovery and monitoring withRed Sift Certificates

Discover and continuously monitor every SSL/TLS certificate in your network for expiration and revocation to avoid PKI-related downtime and risk.

Trusted bythe best in the industry
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Trusted bythe best in the industry
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Take control of your certificates

Red Sift Certificates provides real-time discovery of new certificates and seamless monitoring for expiration and revocation.

Automated certificate inventory

No more outdated certificate spreadsheets, manual updates, or cobbled-together dashboards.

Stop certificate misuse

Proactively remediate certificate related threats and bad actors trying to impersonate your brand.

Avoid certificate-related downtime

Avoid outages that 81% of organizations experience related to certificates.

Stay compliant

Comply with NIST’s requirements for managing security certificates, including issuing, revoking, and storing certificates.

Why security teams choose Red Sift Certificates

The deepest, freshest certificate data

Identify certificates other tools miss with proprietary certificate monitoring and CT log scanning technology. Red Sift Certificates ingests and monitors every public certificate that is issued and looks for changes in real-time. 

Monitor continuously to stay secure

Automatically monitor your certificates for misconfigurations or upcoming expiry dates to avoid downtime. Detect misissued certificates and stay ahead of bad actors.

Visibility across your organization

See all issued certificates as well as their installed locations, including those issued by other teams. Monitor the certificates of third-party services your sites rely on. 

Information to take action

In-depth real-time data about certificates and where they are deployed makes it straightforward to take action as soon as problem with a certificate is found.

Red Sift Certificates features

Certificate Transparency monitoring

All the world's certificates are monitored as they are issued in real time via certificate transparency logs.

Automated analysis

Automated analysis of all discovered certificates so that you can ignore those that are known and compliant, but focus your attention on misissued certificates.

Cloud integrations

Find certificates for every asset in your AWS, Azure or GCP environment.

Unified inventory

 All certificates are surfaced to you in a single dashboard that is continuously updated with the latest information.

Expiration notifications

Avoid downtime by finding out about expiring certificates that are still deployed—including those issued by third-parties.

Nothing to install

Simply add the domains you’d like to monitor and start receiving notifications and insight within minutes.

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Trusted by the best security leaders in the business

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"We rely on Red Sift Certificates to identify when our digital certificates are due to expire. We can easily inspect certificate details along with the endpoints that were discovered serving them without resorting to low-level debugging tools."

Paddy Newman
Senior DevOps Engineer

"We rely on Red Sift Certificates to identify when our digital certificates are due to expire. We can easily inspect certificate details along with the endpoints that were discovered serving them without resorting to low-level debugging tools."

Paddy Newman
Senior DevOps Engineer
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Red Sift apps are better together

Red Sift ASM & Red Sift Certificates

Red Sift ASM & Red Sift Certificates automatically combines external-facing and cloud asset information with certificate data and seeds this information into the Red Sift Platform automatically.

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A confident deployment guide for TLS and PKI

With this guide, A Confident Deployment Guide for TLS and PKI, we've distilled years of experience and hard-earned knowledge into a practical roadmap for deploying TLS and PKI.

Ivan Ristic
Ivan Ristic
Red Sift’s Chief Scientist, Hardenize founder, and SSL Labs creator

Certificates resources


What is the difference between a Certificate Monitoring tool and a Certificate Lifecycle Management tool?

Certificate Monitoring tools observe SSL and TLS certificates in some but not all of their lifecycle stages. Certificate Monitoring tools figure out:

  • When a certificate has been issued
  • Where it has been deployed
  • Whether it's been revoked
  • Whether it's due to expire soon, etc

Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) tools were developed to automate certificate issuance, renewal, and deployment processes. These tools emerged as a solution to manage certificate estates efficiently, aiming to:

  • Automate the lifecycle processes involved in certificates
  • Minimize the risks associated with managing complex public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • Provide detailed reporting on certificate usage across the organization
How does Red Sift Certificates compare to a Certificate Lifecycle Management tool?

Red Sift Certificates is a Certificate Monitoring application without the overhead created by the early steps of the lifecycle. It focuses on providing immediate and continuous visibility of an organization's certificate estate, expired certificates, upcoming expirations, misconfigurations and misissuances. While Red Sift Certificates does not issue, renew or revoke certificates, it is used by organizations like Coop, Rakuten, William Fry, and Denic to stop certificate-related outages and security risk.

Who is Red Sift Certificates the right fit for?

Red Sift Certificates is a great application for organizations who:

  • Are struggling to track and manage the expiration of their public-facing internet certificates
  • Need an out-of-the-box solution that can be deployed within minutes and can easily be integrated with their existing tech stack
  • Want full visibility into all issued certificates and each of their installed locations across their entire organization
Do I need Certificate Monitoring or Certificate Lifecycle Management?

Whether you need Certificate Monitoring or Certificate Lifecycle Management depends on the problem you have.

If your organization is experiencing downtime, failed audits, uncomfortable board-level conversations about poor security ratings, and risks from external threat actors because of misissuance and misconfiguration then Certificate Monitoring is for you. This is becoming the norm as most organizations already have CLM processes in place to handle the steps up until issuance, but lack visibility of what happens after that due to poor-performing tools or a lack of investment. 

If you have not yet put in automation for the early steps in the lifecycle of the certificate, then a CLM tool may be something you should consider. But a Certificate Monitoring product like Red Sift Certificates should be considered as part of that motion. Not only will you find that the product gives better visibility of your certificate estate once your CLM tooling is deployed, but it will also give you visibility of your existing certificate estate while you implement a CLM tool. Our proprietary discovery methods mean that time to value takes minutes and not months.

What is the difference between TLS and SSL certificates?

TLS is considered the more secure and modern protocol compared to SSL. As a result, TLS certificates are more widely used and recommended for securing internet communications.

What are the risks associated with expired certificates?

When certificates expire, they lose their ability to securely encrypt data during online transactions. This opens the door for hackers to potentially eavesdrop on sensitive information or tamper with data. They can also lead to website downtime which can cause huge financial losses. Read our blog that gives real-world examples of the losses big name brands have experienced due to expired certificates.