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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BIMI?

Brand Indicators for Message Identification or BIMI is a protocol that allows you to get your logo next to every email you send. Having your verified logo next to every email you send has been proven to boost open rates, increase brand recall, and promote trust in a brand. To learn more about BIMI, please visit our dedicated BIMI page.

What is a BIMI record?

A BIMI record is a text record that includes your BIMI logo file’s URL.

Here's an example: v=BIMI1; l=; a=

What is the BIMI Checker?

The BIMI Checker is a free tool by Red Sift that verifies if you have the right email security setup in place in order to benefit from BIMI. Simply enter your domain and we will check what stage you’re at in your BIMI journey - we are able to do this by inspecting your public-facing DMARC policy. If the tool finds that you are not quite ready for BIMI, don't worry! We provide you with detailed guidance on how to progress to being fully BIMI-ready.

Who can use the BIMI Checker?

Anyone can use the BIMI Checker, regardless of company size or industry. The same applies to BIMI, anyone can have it, providing you have the right email security setup and a VMC.