Combining OnINBOX & OnDMARC to protect customers and employees from phishing attacks

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Meet the company

FAI Service has been a global partner for road haulage companies transporting goods since 1986. Their services provide trusted expertise to clients around the world which relies on email communications between a business unit all working remotely around the world.

People centric email security alerts employees to BEC and integrates seamlessly with O365 systems

Chief Infosecurity Manager Gaetano Zappulla already felt confident in the organization’s domain level security with OnDMARC, but needed to turn his attention to modern Business Email Compromise (BEC) techniques which were highly targeted at internal employees and not reliant on domain spoofing. Gaetano explained, “We were already using OnDMARC which stopped phishing attacks reaching our customers, but we needed to help our own employees spot phishing. OnINBOX integrated well with Office 365 and helps email users confidently report phishing”.

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We were already OnDMARC customers, but we needed to help employees spot phishing. OnINBOX integrated well with Office 365 and helps email users confidently spot phishing.

Gaetano ZappullaChief Infosecurity ManagerFAI Service

Targeted executives and Infosecurity teams utilized OnINBOX’s free trial before investing

FAI Service took advantage of OnINBOX’s free trial and ran a POC which included both Infosecurity and executives such as the CFO who was often targeted due to his access to sensitive information. Trial team members reported that, “with OnINBOX, it was so easy to know what to pay attention to inside the email and how to report it.“

Additional influences on their decision to buy OnINBOX included:

  1. No software required

    It took one IT member less than an hour to get OnINBOX fully set up and running with O365.

  2. Fast end-user deployment

    For deployment across multiple departments and geographical regions the Chief Infosecurity Manager reported his experience with OnINBOX’s centralized deployment as having “activated all end-user mailboxes with just one click.”

  3. Clear risk indicators

    End-users knew if there were risks to pay attention to inside every email without any technical know-how thanks to simple traffic light indicators.

OnINBOX User ACT Indicators

A small price to pay to prevent dangerous financial loss

As a first priority, Gaetano invested in OnDMARC which helped his team quickly and confidently implement DMARC and shut down email impersonation. This meant fraudsters could no longer send email in the company’s name. Gaetano’s focus then turned to complementary user-facing email security for internal employees. A big driver for this came off the back of the company’s Chief Financial Officer being targeted and impacted by a phishing attack that resulted in financial loss.

After this incident, the entire finance department began to overburden the security team to ask whether or not an email is safe.

Gaetano first considered a focus on phishing training for employees but found them to be too resource-intensive for his team. OnINBOX on the other hand did the work for employees by labeling dangerous emails as they came in.

After engaging in a free trial, Gaetano found “with OnINBOX end-users look inside their email and know what to pay attention to without any technical understanding needed thanks to the simple indicators.”