OnDMARC Sender intelligence

Sift through forensic reports with ease

Save time and get the full picture with the right forensic data with OnDMARC's Sender Intelligence.

Forensic reports

Forensic reports are complex and confusing

Forensic reports are only as valuable as the data and context they provide. If you don’t have the information you need, the process to identify misuse or misconfiguration within your organization can become time-consuming and frustrating.

OnDMARC Sender Intelligence

How does Sender Intelligence work?

Imagine DMARC reports that work harder for you - that's what Sender Intelligence provides. A new kind of forensic reporting driven by machine learning, it delivers and contextualizes the relevant and granular information about your sending sources, enabling you to pinpoint and solve issues within your organization quickly.


US Government organization

It was essential that the tool would provide clear visibility. We found that after comparing other providers, the general layout and simplicity of OnDMARC’s reports proved to be leaps and bounds better than most of what was out there.

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Enhanced visibility of forensic data

Enhanced visibility of forensic data

Unique datastream access enables you to identify misuse, misconfiguration and Shadow IT anywhere in your organization, down to the granular detail of who and where.

Insights put into context

Insights put into context

Our platform pulls out the data relevant to your business and puts it into context, making it easier for you to prioritise relevant actions.

Total privacy

Total privacy

All forensic data is redacted according to DMARC specifications. But to be doubly secure, all forensic emails are checked again and the email body is further redacted by OnDMARC, ensuring complete user privacy.

All the information you need

All the information you need

Sender Intelligence provides the crucial insights you need into domain and IP reputation, sender location, DMARC configuration, from, subject line, date, country of origin, email authentication and included links.