Wise optimizes email security and boosts deliverability

Red Sift OnDMARC is the email security partner of choice for Wise (formerly TransferWise), a UK-based foreign exchange financial technology company.

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Meet the company

In eleven years, Wise has revolutionized the way people and businesses transfer money around the world. Today, over eight million customers transfer more than £4 billion every month across 2500 currency routes. Thanks to a unique local banking network, prices are really low, transfer speeds are lightning-fast and customers get the real mid-market exchange rate.

Combating phishing attacks

As a digital-first business, Wise relies on email to get in touch with customers, send transaction confirmations, updates and receipts, communicate internally with staff and for IT configuration. Today the company sends out more than five million emails to customers every month, equating to 60 million annually.

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What Wise say about us

“A big brand should be ensuring email security and deliverability, and I’d certainly recommend OnDMARC as an effective partner."

Shan Lee
Information Security Officer

“A big brand should be ensuring email security and deliverability, and I’d certainly recommend OnDMARC as an effective partner."

Shan Lee
Information Security Officer

Identifying future email challenges

The rapid pace of Wise’s growth led the organisation to identify three core areas of day-to-day email operations where potential challenges could arise:

  1. Security

    Millions of customers trust Wise with their money. They move over £4 billion around the world every single month and the safety and security of Wise’s customers’ emails and money is crucial. Shan and his dedicated team ensure that as the customer base grows rapidly, safety and security aren’t compromised.

  2. Deliverability

    Marketing messages are a vital way to keep in touch with Wise customers to let them know about new offers and services, while transactional emails provide crucial reassurance that money transfers have been successful. It’s important that Wise can reach their customers’ inboxes rather than the spam folder.

  3. Shadow IT

    International expansion had meant accruing additional IT and email systems. This creates extra challenges, says Shan; “Most of our emails are automated and come from different email systems due to the sheer volume sent. Emails are fairly continuous across the day-to-day business, which means we needed the best tools in place to provide us with a continuous overview of our international email traffic and to gain insight into deliverability when launching new marketing campaigns.”

OnDMARC deliverability, location and senders report

DMARC holds the key

Wise recognized that the most sensible and effective solution for its business was to implement the DMARC protocol, to protect and prevent any future email spam.

DMARC would also allow Shan and his team to have a better overview of planned marketing campaigns across multiple territories and add any new email systems to the authorized list in advance of each campaign. This would help the Wise team to optimize deliverability and reach the widest possible audience.

“We needed a solution that was self-service in nature, but with the opportunity for human support where needed,” says Shan. “Red Sift’s solution, OnDMARC, struck the right balance between having tech support on hand, but also automating the process and allowing us to get on with the project at our own pace.”