OnDMARC Investigate

Understand your email security

Unlock the information hidden in email headers and turn it into something you can easily work with for perfect DMARC configuration.

Cryptic email header

Verifying DNS changes takes time

Making changes to your DNS typically means waiting quite some time for the first report to arrive - sometimes up to 24 hours - in order to see if the changes you made have had the desired effect.

When you do eventually get these reports, you’re faced with cryptic email headers to spot the problems with your latest email configuration. This adds another layer of complexity to your investigation and will ultimately slow you down.

OnDMARC Investigate cards

How does Investigate work?

With a feature like Investigate, you hold the key to quickly unlocking the information hidden in email headers and turning it into something you can easily work with for perfect DMARC configuration.

You can instantly see the results of every change you made to your email security with a fast automated checklist via Investigate’s inbox in your OnDMARC account.




Thanks to Investigate we were able to fully configure our sending services without any doubt or hesitation about the DNS changes we made. It clearly highlighted everything that required our attention.


Save money

Save money

The ability to make informed changes to your email set-up is now in your hands – no need for expensive consultants!

Gain knowledge

Gain knowledge

By using Investigate you’ll continually learn more about how email authentication works.

Save time

Save time

With Investigate, you can get to protection faster as you no longer need to wait up to a day for DMARC reports to see the impact your changes make.

Easy to digest reports

Easy to digest reports

Investigate gives you an easy-to-digest overview of your evolving setup, including actionable next steps if something is not configured as it should be.