Display your logo on every email you send

With BIMI and DMARC you can put your logo on every email you send to boost brand recognition and protect against phishing.

Check to see if your brand could display a BIMI logo:
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What is BIMI?

Brand Indicators for Message Identification is a standard that displays validated trademarked logos for all DMARC authenticated emails. As email continues to be the most popular way organizations communicate, BIMI adds brand impressions to every email to help reassure recipients that it is from the organization it claims to be from.

How BIMI enhances your brand experience


Increase brand recall

After a 5 second exposure, brands that had applied a trademarked logo increased their recall by up to 44%. The stronger the brand, the higher the recall increase, up to 120%.


Improve open rates

Irrespective of brand strength or market share, the inclusion of a trademarked logo uplifts open rates by up to 39% in both transactional and promotional email.


Influence buyer behavior

Prospects are more likely to purchase when a trademarked logo is applied. The email open uplift carried over to purchasing decisions with an average buying increase of up to 32%.


Tallyfy logo 300x75

Along with the 80% increase in click-through rates, BIMI has been an incredible strategic investment for Tallyfy. We have boosted brand awareness and  confidence in the Tallyfy trademark, and are on par with the security standards of Fortune 500 organizations.

How does BIMI work?

Once you have DMARC and a VMC set up, you're ready to have your logo automatically appear in all inboxes for every email you send.

  1. 1

    First, it checks you’re sending your emails securely

    It uses the DMARC protocol to do this.

  2. 2

    Then, it checks you are the true owner of your trademark

    If you are, a VMC will be issued and you're BIMI ready!

Why get BIMI certified with Red Sift?

We offer the only complete BIMI certification solution available on the market. What does that mean for you?

It's easy

It's easy

An assigned Customer Success Engineer will guide both IT and Marketing teams through all parts of the process to ensure your organization qualifies for BIMI.

It's essential

It's essential

Red Sift’s cybersecurity DMARC product, OnDMARC, provides crucial email security protection as well as the foundation for your BIMI certification.

It's managed by experts

It's managed by experts

We've helped OnDMARC customers send over 100 million VMC-enabled emails through participation in Google's BIMI pilot in 2020.

The process

We’ve partnered up with Entrust, the Google-approved Verified Mark Certificate provider, to make the journey to BIMI as smooth as possible. Here’s how Red Sift’s BIMI process helps both Marketing and IT teams get certified quickly and confidently.