TalkTalk enjoys 4-6% better email engagement by implementing BIMI

Red Sift OnDMARC helps TalkTalk, one of the UK's leading telecom providers, to achieve measurable email marketing results as well as put robust email security in place.

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Meet the company

TalkTalk provides landline, broadband, TV, mobile and email services to over four million customers in the United Kingdom. They operate Britain’s biggest unbundled broadband network, covering 96% of the population.

Sophisticated solution needed to protect the email security of millions of customers

As Head of Customer Security at TalkTalk, Mark Johnson has an important job on his hands - he leads initiatives that protect 4.2 million customers. Of these, email security is high on Mark’s priority list; a whopping 29 million emails were opened by TalkTalk customers this year so naturally, making sure they are secure and trustworthy is crucial.

"We are a critical national infrastructure supplier so compliance with regulation was important,” commented Mark. “The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) advises that there are certain standards that need to be met, so evidently, we were keen to meet these. More than anything though, it was important to the business. We are a 60-strong team of Security specialists and we were all keen to nail DMARC down.”

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What TalkTalk say about us

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"Email marketing teams will spend so much money getting a 2-3% email open rate increase. So for TalkTalk, 4-6% is very positive."

Mark Johnson TalkTalk
Mark Johnson
Head of Customer Security
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"Email marketing teams will spend so much money getting a 2-3% email open rate increase. So for TalkTalk, 4-6% is very positive."

Mark Johnson TalkTalk
Mark Johnson
Head of Customer Security

OnDMARC’s BIMI solution provides the winning advantage

With the decision made to kickstart the DMARC project, Mark turned to Red Sift to facilitate its implementation. He commented, “In comparison to our previous provider, OnDMARC was a stronger solution and had a better price point.

In addition to OnDMARC’s award-winning feature set, Mark was interested in Red Sift’s BIMI offering. “BIMI looked like it could be beneficial for us. It promised advantages for Security and Marketing so I was keen to explore the initiative”.

BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. This new standard allows businesses to display registered, trademarked logos on DMARC- authenticated emails using a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC). BIMI helps brands stand out in the inbox, and has been shown to improve consumer interaction and confidence in emails. “The stats being thrown around were extremely powerful,” said Mark. “We didn’t want to miss out”.

Besides BIMI, OnDMARC’s competitive advantages were vast, including:

  1. The ability to uncover spoofing attacks

    “OnDMARC actually helped us discover and reject spoofing attacks we weren’t aware of,” reported Mark.

  2. Excellent customer support

    For the entirety of their DMARC and BIMI journeys, Mark and his team were fully supported by Red Sift’s Customer Success experts. “The Red Sift Customer Success team is so helpful and supportive,” Mark exclaimed.

  3. Access to a fully supported BIMI experience

    Using OnDMARC’s BIMI workflow with phone support from Red Sift CSEs, TalkTalk implemented BIMI quickly and easily.

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The BIMI project: pioneering success across IT and Marketing to improve email security and brand awareness

For TalkTalk, email marketing is extremely important. With a user base of 4.2 million, email is the relationship-building tool that the organization relies upon. “Getting our message out quickly is critical,” commented Mark. ”We’re agile and fast-paced, and email is so much quicker than billboards and TV.”

So, making emails stand out in the consumer’s inbox is hugely beneficial to businesses like TalkTalk. And with BIMI, this ideal has become a reality. “Not only can we hyper personalize our emails, but we can now add our logo to them as well. With 29 million emails opened by customers this year, that’s 29 million opportunities to build and fortify a relationship through logo presentation. BIMI helps us do just that.”