Third Door Media: Why marketers need email security too

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Meet the company

Third Door Media connects marketing technology buyers and sellers by providing trusted content, news, and events. The company publishes MarTech and Search Engine Land, which are leading trade publications for marketers.

When marketing meets technology

Marc Sirkin, EVP of Product and Technology at Third Door Media, knows the value of email marketing; “It isn’t just the heart of the business, it is the business. We don’t win without it.”

This isn’t surprising, given that the organization specializes in providing content to digital marketing professionals. What is surprising, however, is Marc’s impressive knowledge of the world of technology and email security. “As a marketer by trade, IT does not come naturally to me. However, the execution of the marketing universe is intrinsically connected with the world of technology - you can’t separate it. In my role, I straddle that line.”

In his day-to-day role, Marc looks after multiple functions including brand, comms, and event marketing, as well as managing the marketing technology and operations teams. Owing to this collision of marketing and technology, Marc was given an entrée into the world of email security and quickly realized how important a foundational email security setup is.

OnDMARC checks all the boxes

After discovering OnDMARC, Marc connected with Red Sift’s Customer Success team, who conducted an in-depth analysis of Third Door Media’s domains. During the first project kick-off call, the Red Sift team walked the Third Door Media team through their email setup and was able to point out the gaps that needed protecting.

“Suddenly it all made sense,” Marc explains. “OnDMARC was the solution that made email security seem simple. It was at this point that we decided to go 100%.”

Besides BIMI, OnDMARC’s competitive advantages were vast, including:

  1. The ability to uncover and block spoofing attacks

    OnDMARC has blocked all spoofing attacks against Third Door Media domains.

  2. Dynamic hosted authentication

    DNS changes can be tedious. OnDMARC’s Dynamic DMARC feature allows Third Door Media to manage DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records from right inside the OnDMARC interface without needing to access DNS, overcoming the SPF 10 lookup limit in the process.

  3. Excellent customer support

    Marc adds, “The Red Sift Customer Success team has supported us every step of the way through our DMARC and BIMI journeys.”

BIMI promises improved brand recall

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is a new standard that allows organizations to put their logos next to every email they send. The use of a trademarked logo in emails helps increase email open rates and improves brand recall.

Red Sift’s Customer Success team worked with Third Door Media to implement BIMI on the domain, and Marc feels positive about what’s to come; “The ability for brand recognition to happen in the inbox is always a good thing. That’s why BIMI was a no-brainer for us.”

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