BIMI adoption enables 80% boost in Tallyfy’s email click-through rates

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Tallyfy is a rapidly-growing workflow platform that lets you capture and automate every repeatable process, approval workflow, and procedure in your company without coding, without flowcharts, and without complexity. 

Mission - Secure Emails and Boost Brand

After Amit Kothari, CEO at Tallyfy, implemented DMARC to protect his brand from phishing and spoofing attacks, he wanted to explore the perks of having a DMARC record - including getting the trademarked Tallyfy logo to display in his customers' inboxes with BIMI. 

With BIMI, Tallyfy’s CTRs rates soar

BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. This standard allows businesses to display registered, trademarked logos on DMARC-authenticated emails using a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC). BIMI with VMC helps businesses stand out in the inbox, and has been shown to improve consumer interaction and confidence in emails.

After working with Red Sift and Entrust to implement BIMI with VMC, Tallyfy quickly realized that the claims were true; click-through rates of transactional emails settled between 15-25%. This is an incredible achievement considering the average transactional email has an average CTR of 10%.

Tallyfy BIMI

How BIMI enhances your brand experience

A recent survey conducted by Red Sift and Entrust investigated the the impact that logo visibility has on email open rates, brand recall, and buying behavior. Red Sift baselined responses to test emails across participants, covering transactional and promotional emails along with brand recall. The baseline to responses were then compared to the same emails with the inclusion of logos using BIMI.

The survey findings concluded:

  1. Increase in brand recall

    After a 5 second exposure, brands that had applied a trademarked logo increased their recall by up to 44%. The stronger the brand, the higher the recall increase, up to 120%.

  2. Improve open rates

    Irrespective of brand strength or market share, the inclusion of a trademarked logo uplifts open rates by up to 39% in both transactional and promotional email.

  3. Influence buyer behavior

    Prospects are more likely to purchase when a trademarked logo is applied. The email open uplift carried over to purchasing decisions with an average buying increase of up to 32%.