Secure your attack surface against phishing attacks.

Block phishing

Why email is one of the least secure ways to communicate today

Almost 15 years ago the Network Working Group officially labeled Simple Mail Transfer Protocol as ‘inherently insecure’. They said that anyone could impersonate a domain and use it to send fraudulent emails pretending to be the domain owner. Today, this is proven in the scale and breadth of the Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks we see hitting headlines daily, whether successful or not.

The most common forms of BEC

Exact domain impersonations

Perhaps the most dangerous form as they can fool the majority of Secure Email Gateways. This is where a fraudster sends an email that looks like it came from your domain. This is because the underlying domain is not protected by protocols like DMARC.

“Friendly from” attacks

With minor manipulation, a criminal can change an email's display name to look like it's coming from a known sender. While easier to spot if the recipient digs into the email header, it’s enough to fool time-pressed individuals into clicking and compromising the organization's security.

Lookalike domain abuse

Finally, there are attacks that turn to using lookalike domains. This attack vector is massively growing, partly due to the fact that it’s impossible for an organization to defensively buy up and secure all possible permutations of its digital identity.

Secure your attack surface against phishing attacks

Email remains the greatest attack vector. It is a growing problem for businesses each day; without adequate defenses in place, they risk irrevocable damage to brand, reputation, and revenue.

OnDMARC deliverability, location and senders report

Stop exact domain impersonation

Our award-winning DMARC application protects outbound mail and blocks exact impersonation attacks.

OnINBOX User ACT Indicators

Secure your inbound mail

OnINBOX is our inbound threat intelligence solution that analyzes incoming emails and flags other invisible threats to users through a traffic light warning system.

OnDOMAIN takedown lookalike domains

ondomain logoUncover and take down lookalike domains

OnDOMAIN complements OnDMARC and OnINBOX by protecting the domain perimeter. It provides real-time lookalike detection and can take down sites before they can be weaponized.


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Google filters out the malware, OnDMARC protects us from phishing, and OnINBOX is successful in highlighting otherwise impossible-to-spot BEC attacks.

Providing solutions for your greatest cyber vulnerabilities

Red Sift Solution Suites have been developed to address the high priority issues cyber-first organizations face today.

Domain Resilience

Protect your domain from abuse and enhance trust in your brand with OnDMARC and OnDOMAIN.


Email Resilience

Block advanced inbound and outbound phishing attacks with OnDMARC, OnDOMAIN, and OnINBOX.

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Web Resilience

Harden your network perimeter against vulnerabilities with OnDMARC, Hardenize, and OnDOMAIN.

Digital Resilience

Close the cyber ring around all your web and human assets with OnDMARC, OnINBOX, OnDOMAIN, and Hardenize.