ZoomInfo achieves almost perfect email deliverability with OnDMARC

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Meet the company

ZoomInfo is a global leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence. The organization employs over 2,700 people and has offices across the US and Israel.

Improving email deliverability is a key strategic initiative for Zoominfo

With over 14 years in the digital communications space, Kevin Hopkinson, Head of Deliverability at ZoomInfo, knows a thing or two about email. Having joined ZoomInfo during a period of continuous growth, Kevin knew that quickly getting a handle on their email infrastructure was essential. The InfoSec team was manually navigating the complexities of the SPF protocol (an email authentication protocol developed to combat sender address forgery) which was a real obstacle for an organization sending millions of emails a month.

Finding a solution that could dynamically take care of SPF, as well as swiftly get ZoomInfo to a DMARC policy of reject (an email authentication protocol that blocks exact email impersonation) was a top priority.

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Getting ZoomInfo to a DMARC policy of p=reject was a key milestone. OnDMARC was the sophisticated solution we chose for the job.

Kevin Hopkinson ZoomInfo
Kevin HopkinsonHead of DeliverabilityZoomInfo

Sophisticated email security required

ZoomInfo assessed other DMARC vendors and felt that Red Sift’s OnDMARC solution had the competitive edge as it offered:

  1. A truly dynamic SPF feature

    “Dynamic SPF allows ZoomInfo to overcome the SPF 10 lookup limit so easily. It’s not a macro-based solution, so there are no issues with legacy gateways rejecting our emails,” notes Kevin.

  2. Access to a knowledgeable support team

    Red Sift’s Customer Support Engineers made the OnDMARC project a breeze. “From pre-sale through to implementation, they always have timely, comprehensive answers.”

  3. The ability to reach p=reject quickly

    All of ZoomInfo’s domains got to a policy of reject in just 16 weeks.


Banishing shadow IT with OnDMARC

ZoomInfo has experienced incredible growth and success in recent years. In 2020, it became a publicly-traded company. Its listing on Nasdaq was one of the largest software initial public offerings of the past decade.

When rapid growth occurs, one of the common problems organizations experience is shadow IT. Shadow IT happens when employees sign up for new vendors without informing the IT department. This creates a constant spinning up of new email sending sources, making it difficult for IT teams to stay on top of which sources are legitimate and secured and which are not.

When ZoomInfo implemented OnDMARC, it helped put new processes in place to maintain clear data visibility. “With OnDMARC, we are able to scale and grow effectively as we add more employees and complete more acquisitions without worrying about shadow IT,” notes Kevin. “With the Dynamic DMARC feature, we have total control of our domains. It brings everything under one roof."