A U.S. Government organization uses OnDMARC to get 150 domains to reject in 8 weeks

US Government organization



Emails sent

2 million a month


United States

Meet the company

This Government organization runs a US state’s official website providing public information and updates about services. Sending over 2,000,000 emails a month to the public about government services makes it essential that communications are secured to protect both sides.

Upholding government mandated DMARC compliance

For this US state organization, DMARC protection is obligatory as the US government-mandated DMARC in the Binding Operational Directive 18-01. Luckily for this particular government organization, they were able to implement DMARC quickly with accessible control over their own DNS and the DNS zones of hundreds of other government entities, protecting them all.

Reforming email security with modern security protocols

For the organization’s Systems Administrator, it was essential that modern security protocols DMARC, SPF, and DKIM were implemented correctly. OnDMARC appealed as an ISO:27001 approved vendor giving them the confidence that transactional services are secure. Here are their highlights having taken hundreds of domains to reject with OnDMARC:

  1. Actionable Insight

    Insight The Systems Administrator independently worked through all configurations with OnDMARC’s guidance and wasn’t slowed down by 24-hour delays to check if each configuration had taken the desired effect thanks to Investigate, the immediate verification tool in OnDMARC. The result? 150 domains in reject in less than 8 weeks.

  2. Simplified SPF

    As the organization managing the DNS zones for hundreds of organizations, SPF management once meant time-consuming efforts to manually make DNS updates. With OnDMARC’s Dynamic SPF the organization can now add and facilitate unlimited lookups, simply and efficiently managing everything from directly inside OnDMARC.

  3. Securing suppliers

    The Analyzer tool allowed the Systems Administrator to check the domain security status of all potential partners, to quickly verify whether or not they can do business with that company. Analyzer also helped to explore when remote senders were reportedly having issues sending emails to their organization as a first checkpoint to spot why.

OnDMARC deliverability, location and senders report

OnDMARC working in harmony with SEGs

The U.S Government organization, like most organizations, first invested in an expensive Secure Email Gateway to defend against inbound email fraud. With this in place, they then recognized the importance of protecting against the fraudulent activity that wasn’t crossing their network boundary.

DMARC is the perfect solution, providing insight into all phishing emails that were being sent from their domains. However, with over 150 domains they needed to find a way to make the influx of DMARC data both comprehensible and manageable that they could accurately and effectively configure security protocols for every domain.