Tessella maximize email security with 100% DMARC compliance

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Email deliverability rate with OnDMARC


Monthly spoofs from over 200 different senders blocked


Of 126 sending sources were fraudulent pre-OnDMARC

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Meet the company

Tessella is part of the Altran Group, a world leader in engineering and R&D services with over 50,000 employees. Tessella’s consulting services transform businesses by connecting people and data to make smarter decisions faster. Tessella’s IT operations are run from the UK with additional capabilities in NL and the US.

Getting to grips with DMARC from a legacy state

With SPF records already in place and Symantec’s security service generating outbound DKIM signatures, the objective for Head of Internal Systems, Steve Jackson, was to use DMARC to confirm to receiving inboxes that they were protected by both protocols. This made DMARC the missing piece of the puzzle.

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We started in p=none and then rapidly moved into p=reject working with OnDMARC. There are a significant number of organizations that are still in p=none which seems to be an oversight given the current state of the threat landscape. There is no reason for it when it’s so simple to implement with OnDMARC.

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Steve JacksonHead of Internal SystemsTessella

Maximizing email security and deliverability

Steve Jackson was impressed with OnDMARC, commenting: “it gave us visibility and focus to manage everything effectively which is essential”. Here’s how OnDMARC helped maximize outbound email security and deliverability for Tessella:

  1. Maximum security

    Tessella used OnDMARC to succeed in getting 24 domains to a “reject” policy. For Tessella’s primary domain, OnDMARC reported over 56% of emails sent in just 90 days had purported to originate from Tessella, but were in fact fake and safely blocked by OnDMARC.

  2. Automated SPF

    Tessella’s SPF records were out of date. OnDMARC automatically updated the SPF records for essential email sources. Head of Internal Systems, Steve Jackson commented: “As we were going through this initiative OnDMARC identified all the requirements for us.”

  3. Ongoing protection

    OnDMARC provides Tessella’s Head of Internal Systems, Steve Jackson, with weekly reports on all legitimate email sources which assure them that they’re still behaving correctly using clear status indicators. Steve notes how “this quickly shows me their state and if anything needs to be worked on”.