Rentokil enhance their Google Workspace with OnDMARC and OnINBOX

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Meet the company

As world leaders in Pest Control and Hygiene services, Rentokil Initial plc employs 45,000 people across 87 countries to deliver services that protect people and enhance lives for commercial and private customers globally.

Enterprise-level BEC protection needed

Pete Shorney, Global Head of Information Security at Rentokil, oversees and manages a vast global security footprint with over 180 email domains. As a business that carries out a large number of acquisitions every year, Rentokil is very much in the public eye - making them a perfect target for hackers. Following a flurry of attempted impersonation attacks on senior managers, Pete turned to Red Sift to round out Rentokil’s enterprise-level Google Workspace infrastructure and stop Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks in its tracks.

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Google filters out the malware, OnDMARC protects us from phishing, and OnINBOX is successful in highlighting otherwise impossible-to-spot BEC attacks.

Pete Shorney

Together, OnDMARC and OnINBOX cover all the bases

While BEC was the main driver in Pete’s quest for a solution, Red Sift worked closely with Rentokil to scope out and address each of their other equally crucial email security requests, such as:

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    Visibility into the supply chain

    Pete noted, “It was essential for us to get control of and authenticate the estate that was sending emails on our behalf. OnDMARC allowed us to do that with speed and ease.

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    Helping users recognize potential threats

    Following the OnDMARC implementation, OnINBOX was deployed to empower and educate Rentokil’s employees with traffic light threat indicators in every email they receive.

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    Improving email deliverability

    For Pete, “another driver was to ensure marketing material was being delivered with proper authentication.”

Complementing phishing awareness training

Pete is a firm believer in empowering his employees beyond just traditional phishing awareness training. While Rentokil has this training in place, they also recognize that “improvement is difficult to see with phishing training. It has to be backed up with in- the-moment alerts.”

OnINBOX provides the end-user with simple, intuitive traffic light threat indicators in every email they receive, instantly letting them know whether it’s trustworthy or malicious.

Pete commented, “it is not realistic to assume that all users will be good at recognizing phishing emails. OnINBOX supports the idea that behavior doesn’t change overnight, even if regular phishing awareness training is given. With this solution, employees are empowered in their moment of need.”

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