Pipedrive makes the move to p=reject rapidly and confidently



Fraudulent senders blocked in first month

6 weeks

Time taken to reach full compliance


SPF sending services combined into one single include








Meet the company

Pipedrive is a software company that develops a CRM platform for sales teams. It helps sales professionals to generate and qualify leads, automate sales processes, close deals faster and easier, and nurture customer relationships. With offices all across Europe and the US and more than 95,000 customers on every continent, Infosecurity is of the utmost importance to this agile tech company.

Pipedrive implemented DMARC to protect against spoofing

Infosec has always been a priority area for Pipedrive where no compromises are made. In order to better protect Pipedrive against email spoofing and phishing, the company’s Infosec team began the process of getting DMARC in place.


Thanks to Investigate we were able to fully configure our sending services without any doubt or hesitation about the DNS changes we made. It clearly highlighted everything that required our attention.

Martin Leppik Pipedrive
Martin LeppikCyber Security AnalystPipedrive

Basic DMARC reporting tools proved to be insufficient

Working together, Pipedrive’s infrastructure and infosec teams began to configure SPF and DKIM for the company’s sending services by manually navigating raw XML reports. Although this provided a lot of information, it was time-consuming and complex to process. The team then tried a basic DMARC reporting tool that provided weekly reports, but quickly realized that the data provided didn’t give a full picture of their email landscape.

When Pipedrive turned to OnDMARC, they were able to gain full visibility and guidance to configure their domain which included:

  1. Clear reporting

    The daily DMARC reports and intuitive OnDMARC dashboard allowed the team to visually process and understand the DMARC data.

  2. Actionable insight

    Clear SPF/DKIM setup instructions and step-by-step guides meant the infosec team could easily make sense of the data, correctly configuring the sending sources at the click of a button.

  3. Dedicated support

    Pipedrive had ongoing support from an OnDMARC Customer Success Engineer, as well as our in-app chat function, to assist in getting to p=reject status rapidly and confidently in only 6 weeks.