OnDMARC improves email deliverability by 35% for Oxbridge’s business-critical e-services

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Meet the company

This award-winning UK-based e-learning company provides customers with online distance learning and virtual tutor support. With over 40,000 students and more than 250 courses on offer, communicating with students and tutors via email is a business-critical function.

OnDMARC’s swift troubleshooting for deliverability helped maximize service delivery to customers

When Director, Matt Jones, learned that some students were not receiving Oxbridge’s emails, he struggled to find out why emails were not arriving. As soon as he came across OnDMARC, the “why” was answered, and OnDMARC’s solution provided guidance on how to rectify the situation.

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We were at 65% email deliverability when we started. Today we’re at almost 100% with OnDMARC.

Matt Jones Oxbridge
Matt JonesDirectorOxbridge Learning

From mundane manual investigation to dedicated on-hand support

Before OnDMARC, Matt Jones and his team began manually configuring SPF and DKIM which involved a lot of digging to identify whether certain senders were legitimate or not. Matt tried out a number of DMARC vendors for guidance, but they lacked insight. OnDMARC on the other hand provided excellent customer support which drastically improved routine configurations by saving them time.

  1. Straightforward onboarding

    It took Matt less than 5 minutes to sign up to OnDMARC, add their domains and add the TXT record into their DNS. Within 24 hours, the account began to populate with reports that highlighted deliverability shortcomings alongside actionable insight on how to solve the problem.

  2. Intuitive interface

    Matt found it exceptionally easy to navigate the OnDMARC portal. From the reports, to email sources, to the setup instructions; he could easily understand the data and quickly understood what was required for next steps.

  3. Unparalleled customer support

    After experiencing how difficult the manual setup of DMARC can be, having a support team like Red Sift’s made all the difference. Oxbridge swiftly had all four of their domains in full compliance and their email deliverability began to drastically improve.