OnDMARC: the best DMARC solution for Options IT

Red Sift OnDMARC becomes the solution of choice for the managed platform offering of Options IT, Managed Service Provider.

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Meet the company

Options IT provides managed trading infrastructure and cloud-enabled managed services to over 550 clients globally. They pride themselves on offering top-tier IT solutions wrapped up in a premium managed service, delivering quality and satisfaction for financial services clients.

Best-in-class IT security was required

Banks, hedge funds, broker firms, and private equity houses have more than just capital in common - they all require robust, reliable IT infrastructure in place to keep assets safe and secure.

This is where Christian Arpino, Head of Engineering at Options IT, steps in. His organization provides industry-leading security solutions to financial services providers around the world. For Christian, OnDMARC, Red Sift’s award-winning email security solution, was the best-in-class option that ticked every box.

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What Options IT say about us

"OnDMARC should be part of any good MSP’s cybersecurity stack."

Christian Arpino Options IT
Christian Arpino
Head of Engineering

"OnDMARC should be part of any good MSP’s cybersecurity stack."

Christian Arpino Options IT
Christian Arpino
Head of Engineering

Together, Options IT and Red Sift help to protect the financial services sector

Christian knew that having a DMARC solution included in his managed platform offering was imperative. ”Having DMARC in place is something all organizations should strive for, however, not everyone has the capacity or expertize to implement it. This is a real issue in the financial services sector as phishing and spoofing attacks are rife. The repercussions of these can be severely reputationally damaging and very challenging for financial firms to recover from.”

OnDMARC helps to combat these potential disasters by:

  1. Providing frictionless onboarding

    “OnDMARC is incredibly straightforward to set up. The interface is so intuitive that new users are comfortable straight away”, notes Christian.

  2. Minimizing time to protection

    With a 4-8 week average time to DMARC enforcement, getting to a policy of p=reject is quick and effective.

  3. Improving email deliverability

    With a DMARC policy in place, a sender’s reputation improves, increasing deliverability and avoiding costly diversions to spam.