CMA uses OnDMARC to lay down the law with email impersonation








Meet the company

OnDMARC protects the domains of 4 of the 5 magic circle law firms in the UK as well as international firms such as Campos Mello Advogados (CMA). CMA operates throughout Brazil in cooperation with multinational law firm DLA Piper. As company partners, the two firms shared some IT infrastructure that generates 40,000+ outbound emails a week to clients, partners, and suppliers.

Independently upholding email security standards

After sharing infrastructure with DLA Piper, CMA’s IT team was tasked with becoming more independent and migrating their systems to the cloud, including Mimecast and Office 365. It was essential they were able to administer and secure a new and more independent infrastructure.

Laying down the law outside of their network boundary

At CMA they were aware of DMARC’s ability to block email impersonation that doesn’t even cross the domain owner’s network boundary. IT Manager, Ruy Fernando explained “We needed a DMARC tool to understand the fake email activity outside of our environment. OnDMARC took only a small investment from our security budget which gave us this ability and more.” Here are the highlights:

  1. Expertise

    IT Manager, Ruy Fernando said: “No one had used OnDMARC before so there wasn’t any expertise. We tried other tools for a similar price, but OnDMARC was simpler to use and the customer support was great”.

  2. Speed

    After finishing outstanding Mimecast configurations in line with OnDMARC’s recommendations, CMA were able to fast track their email security from reporting only to quarantine in just one week.

  3. Compliance

    Brazil’s data protection law, LGPD, brought in new compliance rules from August 2020. IT Manager Ruy Fernando commented, “OnDMARC’s Analyzer tool lets us check a supplier’s email protection to protect ourselves and our client’s personal data”.