Cambium Networks overcome the SPF lookup limit and simplify management with Dynamic SPF







Meet the company

Cambium Networks is a world-class broadband provider and enterprise Wi-Fi solution specialist with 25 different entities serving customers from over 150 countries. As a global organization, Cambium Networks sends over 6 million emails per month.

SPF management required repetitive manual updates before OnDMARC

The IT team previously managed their SPF records manually before OnDMARC, which proved to be a time-consuming effort for the set-up of every new provider. Hamish Gough, IT lead at the time, remembers how “some of the manual setups were inconsistent and wouldn’t even check if SPF was working. They wouldn’t let us continue with setup unless they could find the actual text in the SPF record which then caused delays”.

Simplifying SPF management with automation and getting to p=reject confidently

Once Cambium Network went over the 10 SPF lookup limit, they started to experience SPF failures which were hard to investigate. Once email deliverability issues started to surface, Hamish Gough took the initiative to invest in OnDMARC for it’s Dynamic SPF solution, allowing them to see:

  1. Clear progress reports

    As well as SPF, the IT team set up DKIM wherever they could and OnDMARC always provided a clear overview of the status of all records (DMARC, DKIM, and SPF) to keep them on track.

  2. Instant reliable insight

    In the process of moving from quarantine to reject, if any mail went reported as undelivered, the IT team could identify the root cause in OnDMARC quickly and implement a solution.

  3. Email deliverability

    In just 30 days, 2000 spoofs from over 200 different senders were all blocked by OnDMARC once at reject status. This continual verification also resulted in an email deliverability rate of 99.5%.


Dynamic SPF enabled unlimited services and full visibility, creating harmony with Marketing, Sales & IT

Before trialing OnDMARC, the IT team had tried a cheaper DMARC provider only to find that they started to experience friction with sales and marketing teams when a new service would be added once or twice a week. Hamish Gough, IT lead at the time, explained “We generally now have sales and marketing team cultures that understand customer protection, and follow our lead when setting up new email senders which has helped. Having visibility of this in OnDMARC is great”.

With OnDMARC in place and utilizing Dynamic SPF, the IT team could continue to grow their email services and respond to different departments with confidence that each one had been correctly configured, also helping them move along their journey to p=reject. Once fully protected, Cambium Network’s IT team could always be sure that OnDMARC is automatically ensuring every record for all third-party services is up to date, removing the fear of static “flattened” code becoming outdated or obsolete.