OnDOMAIN - Define and defend your brand perimeter

Define and defend your brand perimeter

OnDOMAIN's machine vision-based logo detection uncovers illegitimate use of your brand's assets.

Monitoring illegal logo usage

Uncovering the illegal use of logos is impossible without AI and automation

Without automated brand detection and monitoring in place, discovering the illegitimate use of a company’s logo across the infinite surface of the web is an impossible task. The longer the fraudulent use of a company’s logo goes undiscovered, the higher the risk that a phishing attack is being prepared. 

Organizations risk irrevocable reputational damage when phishing attacks are successful using their counterfeit logos. Not only is revenue and market share at risk, but trust too; victims of these attacks will remember the brand associated with the phishing scam, even if the brand itself was also a victim of the phish.

OnDOMAIN logo detection

How Red Sift solves the problem

In order to defend your perimeter, you must first be able to define it. To do this, OnDOMAIN enables you to easily upload all variants of your organization’s brand assets to its logo management library. It will then scan your logos and train itself to recognize them across the web.

Next, OnDOMAIN uses computer vision and machine learning to scan the web for both legitimate and illegitimate use of an organization’s brand assets. When it determines that assets are being illegitimately used, these findings act as an additional dimension of classification to detect brand misuse or fraud and increase the speed with which a takedown can be initiated.

OnDOMAIN's key features

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Domain and subdomain discovery

OnDOMAIN scans 150 million newly observed hostnames every day, discovering malicious activity that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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Domain health monitoring

WHOIS data, rasterized web snapshots, logo detection, and live spam data are all presented in a single pane of glass view so users can make faster decisions with just a glance at the key information.

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Machine vision-based logo detection

OnDOMAIN’s machine vision-based logo detection detects and takes down illegitimate use of brand assets across the web.

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Integrated takedown

OnDOMAIN’s integrated takedown leverages existing relations with registrars and hosting providers to quickly effect domain takedown.

Our certifications

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