Meet the Expert

Sean Costigan, PhD

Dr. Sean Costigan is the Managing Director of Resilience Strategy at Red Sift overseeing and advising on the company’s global cybersecurity policies and strategies. An expert in emerging security challenges, he is a leader for NATO DEEP's cybersecurity capacity-building efforts, including Ukraine and co-author of the forthcoming NATO Hybrid Threats and Warfare Curriculum.

Sean is a graduate in the History of Science from Harvard University and earned his doctorate in policy and cybersecurity from the University of Portsmouth, UK. In 2023, Sean was awarded the Serge Lazareff Prize for his contributions to the Office of Legal Affairs of NATO SHAPE.

Cybercrime is poised to become even more prevalent in the future. Although the goals of cybercriminals aren’t always clear, the damage they’re able to inflict on our trust in people, systems and cyberspace itself is enormous. That’s why I am joining Red Sift as I believe the company is in an ideal position to solve this growing problem. Its modern integrated platform suite, driven by Machine Learning, continuously monitors the internet to protect a company’s perimeter and stop digital impersonations of its employees, company and brand at both the business and supply chain level. I’m honored to play a key role in this high-growth company.