Protect your organization from BEC, spoofing and phishing attacks

The nature of phishing attacks dictate that an Info Security team's job is never done. Blocking phishing and BEC attacks, securing the third-party network and educating employees to spot attacks are all equally crucial, but they are also time and resource intensive undertakings.


How do Red Sift products help?

OnDMARC Investigate cards

OnDMARCBlock exact impersonation attacks

Our award-winning cloud-based application enables organizations to stop email impersonation attacks by quickly configuring SPF, DKIM, and DMARC for all legitimate email sources in weeks, not months.

OnINBOX Manager Supply Chain Dashboard

OnINBOX logomarkProtect and empower your employees

Where OnDMARC provides outbound email protection, OnINBOX secures all things inbound - detecting and flagging email threats for end-users. It provides an "always-on" cybersecurity analyst inside every email received, alleviating total dependence on phishing awareness training and ensuring in-the-moment protection for employees. What's more, OnINBOX Manager allows InfoSec teams to spot vulnerabilities in their supply chain, share threat intelligence, and remediate malicious emails.

OnDOMAIN domain discovery

ondomain logoSecure your assets, take down liabilities

With OnDOMAIN, Info Security personnel are able to discover domains that may have been forgotten, parked or are unknown to the IT department, enabling them to be secured and managed in OnDMARC. On the flip side, it also uncovers malicious lookalike domains and provides integrated takedown, meaning these sites can be disarmed before they can be weaponized, ensuring your employees, customers, and supply chain stay protected.


Rentokil logo

Google filters out the malware, OnDMARC protects us from phishing, and OnINBOX is successful in highlighting otherwise impossible-to-spot BEC attacks.

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