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You can have the best email content, subject lines, and lists in the world. But if you don't have the infrastructure in place to ensure your emails get delivered and your brand is being protected, then you're wasting your time.


How do Red Sift products help?

OnDMARC deliverability, location and senders report

OnDMARCMake your message heard

Your brand is your biggest asset, and firms that are subject to spoofing attacks suffer real reputational damage. OnDMARC stops criminals from impersonating your brand and exact domain, and actively improves your deliverability rate. This means that your brand is being protected and your message is being seen and heard in the inbox too.

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OnDMARC BIMI process

BIMI iconGet your brand seen

BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) makes your trademarked logo visible in the inbox. Not only does this increase your brand impressions, but research has shown a positive effect on open rates, buying decisions, brand recall, and trust too. We're the one and only provider of an end-to-end BIMI certification solution, meaning you can start getting the best out of BIMI too.

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OnDOMAIN logo detection

ondomain logoProtect your assets

Organizations risk irrevocable reputational damage when phishing attacks are successful using their counterfeit logos. Not only is revenue and market share at risk, but trust too; victims of these attacks will remember the brand associated with the phishing scam. OnDOMAIN provides brand protection by uncovering lookalike domains and illegitimate logo usage across the web. If brand abuse is detected, OnDOMAIN’s integrated takedown lets you disarm the illegitimate site so you keep your brand’s reputation protected and intact.

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The Marketing Eye

OnDMARC has allowed us to successfully block unauthorized sending from our domain. It has also helped us improve our deliverability, which as a marketing agency specializing in email marketing is absolutely critical. The support from the OnDMARC team in getting us set up with DMARC has been second to none!

Neil James Dyer - The Marketing Eye
Neil James DyerCampaign ManagerThe Marketing Eye

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