Legal and compliance

Protect against the loss of sensitive data and brand exploits

Legal and compliance personnel have a duty to keep their sensitive organizational and employee data safe, as well as abide by cyber regulations such as the international information security standard, ISO 27001.


How do Red Sift products help?

OnDMARC deliverability, location and senders report

OnDMARCStop financial and data loss

OnDMARC stops hackers from being able to impersonate your organization's email domain to send fake invoices to your customers, protecting your brand from reputational damage and loss of revenue.

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OnDOMAIN takedown lookalike domains

ondomain logoProtect your brand from reputational damage

When businesses discover lookalike sites and determine that they are committing fraud or brand infringement, collecting the evidence that supports a takedown can be a lengthy process. Organizations often don't have the dedicated resources to implement takedowns and the task is left between the to-do lists of the IT and Legal teams. OnDOMAIN solves this by collecting evidence on the offending domains, classifying them by intent, and displaying this data to users for their review and sending for a takedown. 

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Morton Fraser Lawyers

Security and continuity of email plays a significant role in the way we interact with our clients. The OnDMARC platform provides an quick and intuitive route to implementation of the widely regarded DMARC framework, simplifying the process without fear of disruption to email flow, and quickly giving visibility to any potential security issues and inappropriate use of email domains.

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