OnINBOX Remediation

Investigate and remediate phishing emails

Reduce the amount of time spent investigating reported malicious emails and quickly take action by blocking and deleting phishing or spam messages.

OnINBOX user reported email

Minimize the time spent remediating malicious emails

On average, investigating a reported email and actioning any remediation necessary can take up to 20 minutes per email. Over a week that can easily add up to tens of hours.

With large organizations often having several people dedicated to just reviewing reported emails and carrying out remediation tasks, this is a huge use of resources that could be focussed on more important tasks.

OnINBOX Manager Remediation

Quickly investigate and remediate potential threats

With OnINBOX deployed across an organization, employees can report a suspicious-looking email from within the email interface which is then sent to their security team for further analysis.

Response teams can then carry out their investigation and take actions such as marking emails as safe, as a threat, or by blocking and deleting them from employees’ inboxes, directly from within their OnINBOX Manager interface.

We help response teams to focus on the most pressing threats first with a prioritized queue of reported emails. OnINBOX combines an email’s ACT score with the number of people who have reported it, either as spam or a phish, and places the most dangerous at the top of the list.


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Within the reported email’s individual dashboard, security analysts will see the key information they need to quickly decide the next best course of action. This includes:

multiple user reporters

Who reported it and why?

The more people who have flagged an email as a phishing attempt, the more likely it really is one.

ACT indicators warning

Analysis of email’s ACT score

Has this been sent by a secure method? Is its content trustworthy? Is the sender known?

OnINBOX Natural Language Processing

In-depth NLP results

Did OnINBOX's Natural Language Processing identify sensitive content within the email?

OnINBOX end user email

Empower your employees

Help educate users with templates for feedback on why emails were threats or turned out to be safe. When phishing awareness training is contextualized for the specific emails users reported, it becomes more memorable and meaningful.

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It’s like we’re able to create our own safety bubble from the visual email ecosystem OnINBOX Manager gives us.