OnINBOX Manager

A centralized view of your network's email security

OnINBOX Manager Supply Chain analysis

Turn individual results into organizational action

OnINBOX gives security expertise to each individual in your organization by scanning every inbound email and highlighting hidden threats.

OnINBOX Manager collates all the results at an organizational level into one centralized view for security teams to stay on top of business communications and spot any risks.

With full visibility comes centralized controls, managing policy settings, marking malicious URLs as threats and setting a company-wide trust status for bad senders to protect everyone in the business.

OnINBOX Managed policy settings

Instantly investigate and resolve phishing emails

After an email has been reported, the response team can take actions such as marking emails as safe, as a threat, or by blocking and deleting them from employees' inboxes altogether, all from within the OnINBOX Manager interface.



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My team uses OnINBOX Manager on an almost daily basis to grow and control our Trust Network. I find the dashboard very simple and a great tool for us to use.

Gaetano ZappullaChief Infosecurity ManagerFAI Service

Key features


Google & Microsoft

Available for organizations using OnINBOX for both Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. No software installation required.


Shared Threat Intelligence

Centralized deployment and managed policy settings make it easy to inform and protect everyone.


Email traffic analytics

Investigate the email traffic from an unsecured domain over any time period and reveal who in your organization they’re talking to.


User management

Full visibility of all users in your organization and the connection status of their mailbox to OnINBOX.