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OnINBOX ACT Indicators

Uncover the invisible threats in your inbox

OnINBOX is the upgrade from phishing training to real-time warnings. Sitting at the top of every email are clear, traffic light-colored indicators that break down the trustworthiness of a sender’s risk profile, allowing users to make informed decisions when they engage with their email.

We help end-users identify potential risks before engaging with the email, without interrupting productivity, or adding pressure to become a knowledgeable expert.

A security expert inside your inbox

Give users the green light to engage as usual, or err on the side of caution if one or more indicators highlight a threat has been detected.


A for Authentication

We authenticate the email by evaluating the security protocols the sender has in place. The stronger their security, the lower the risk of you being spoofed by a familiar partner, supplier or other contact in your supply chain.


C for Content

We scan the content of your emails to highlight hidden signals that might cause you harm, like malicious URLs or a hijacked domain. This is combined with advanced machine learning models that empower OnINBOX to analyze human language and behaviour.


T for Trust

OnINBOX learns about the way you interact with people to identify threats and build your very own trust network. It takes one click to classify a contact with confidence based on the results OnINBOX gives you.

OnINBOX Historical Scanning

Personalized Trust Networks

Beneath the simple indicators, OnINBOX’s advanced trust model analyzes historical email data straight out the box to kick-start personalized Trust Networks.

Machine learning powers OnINBOX's social-intelligence, which combines historical email data with a live risk assessment of every inbound email, including the sender's security and the language they used. It takes one click to classify a contact with confidence based on the results OnINBOX gives you.


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We couldn’t just rely on Google’s phishing protection alone as the email content itself is not checked, but with OnINBOX we’ve added contextual notifications only when relevant to remove the burden from end-users.

Getting set up is easy


No software required

Fast, light centralized deployment for Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace mailboxes.


Centralized threat intelligence

Shared threat classifications across all mailboxes tied to your domains to swiftly inform and protect everyone.


Email protection from every angle

OnINBOX users will see risk indicators at the top of every email regardless of screen, device, or ownership.


Kickstart your Trust Network

Enterprises can take advantage of historical email scanning to populate their Trust Network quickly.